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Take our 30 second quiz to see what areas of SMSF might be relevant for you and how we can help. Blueprint prides itself on delivering a complete SMSF package to you for every service that you will need to run a successful SMSF.


We will assist you to set up the initial SMSF trust deed and have it registered with the ATO through our relationships with SMSF legal firms. We will provide you the advice to ensure that the trust deed is well structured to facilitate flexible strategies for investment, benefit payments and estate planning. Alternatively, we can facilitate the trust deed establishment through our preferred administration platform, AMP Ascend (see below).

Accounting and Audit

We may refer you to Blueprint Accounting (our sister firm) who may assist you in preparation of your annual taxation return and will co-ordinate the annual audit plus actuarial work if required. Alternatively, we can provide this service as part of a broader administration mandate as described next.

Any information or advice provided by Blueprint Accounting detailed above is provided independently of Blueprint Wealth and our licensee, AMP Financial Planning Pty Limited. Neither Blueprint Wealth, nor AMP Financial Planning Pty Limited take any responsibility for any actions or service they provide.



Blueprint Wealth can assist you on finding a solution for your fund compliance requirements.  We can recommend either an accounting firm or a specialist super fund administrator depending on your needs.  These service providers offer a comprehensive administration and management solution for time poor trustees including fund establishment services such as trust deeds, compliance and tax reporting, independent audits and actuarial certification. At the same time the trustees, using a platform, can access separately managed accounts (SMA), managed funds, cash management trusts, term deposits and life insurance. 

Investment Strategy

Blueprint Wealth can advise you on superannuation investment rules and provide you with your portfolio strategy through our Wealth by Design service. Wealth by Design provides SMSF trustees the ultimate in control over their investments, but with the flexibility and transparency that they require to ensure they are meeting the fund’s stated investment objectives.

Direct Shares

One of the benefits of an SMSF is to be able to trade in direct shares. We will co-ordinate with specialist brokers in direct shares including Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs JB Were to ensure you are receiving appropriate advice on direct share investments from highly qualified equity specialists.

Property (Residential)

Blueprint Wealth will advise you on the very specific legal structuring required to facilitate a geared investment strategy into property and work with our chosen legal and property experts to deliver a property investment strategy for your SMSF. We can refer you to Capital 360 who will assist you in selecting the right property for your SMSF. Capital 360 is a residential real estate research and advice provider, experienced in researching the most optimum property locations to meet your needs.

Property (Business)

One of the advantages of an SMSF is the ability to purchase business real property inside the SMSF and lease it back to a related party. This approach can be an effective way of building long term tax effective wealth inside the super fund, whilst also securing long-term business real estate security for a small business. We can advise you on the necessary steps required to move existing business real property into your SMSF or acquire new property in your SMSF.


Borrowing inside an SMSF is a minefield of legal obstacles and this is one area where you need solid guidance before you even start to think about setting up a gearing strategy for your SMSF. Blueprint Wealth has vast experience in SMSF borrowing and can help you to set up the appropriate legal structure for borrowing inside the fund. As we are also a licenced mortgage broker, we can help you to secure the loan you need for your chosen investment and advise you on the appropriateness of a borrowing strategy.

Financial Advice

We will advise you on the suitability of setting up a self managed super fund and the procedures for doing so. Blueprint Wealth also provides an ongoing service for SMSF trustees which allows us to meet as often as every quarter for face-to-face discussions around your SMSF strategy needs. We will also arrange updates of your trust deed when required due to your changing circumstances or changes in superannuation legislation.

Benefit Payments

One of the key advantages of an SMSF is structuring your benefit payments in a flexible manner. We will advise on the range of benefit payment strategies and ensure this is consistent with your taxation, investment and estate planning objectives.

Estate Planning

Another key advantage of an SMSF is the estate planning flexibility it provides for you and your ultimate beneficiaries. We will advise you on how to use your SMSF to meet your estate planning requirements.

Insurance Needs

It may be beneficial for the SMSF members to hold their insurances through the superannuation fund. This will allow premium payments to be funded from the assets of the fund and may facilitate better estate planning options. Blueprint Wealth will provide you the advice to optimise your insurance coverage needs, including the appropriate type and level of risk insurance. Having an SMSF allows for more advanced strategies to be adopted in insurance. This can lead to benefits including a wider range of available cover, taxation advantages and greater flexibility of benefit payment options. These are generally not available under a retail superannuation fund.

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